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Introducing our law firm

Golden Experience.

Golden Results.

Here for you in times of crisis:

Golden Injury Law is a personal injury and sexual abuse and harassment law firm in Southern California. Principal Attorney, Jessica Grau, is the golden light in your life when circumstances feel the darkest.  We represent those who were seriously hurt or suffered unimaginable injustice with a modern approach and a fresh perspective. 


We advocate for clients with compassion because we  understand the anxiety and stress that comes with being involved in a civil suit.



Our Practice Areas


Car Accidents

Are you the victim of another's negligent driving? Auto accidents are life-changing experiences.


Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is shockingly prevalent in today's society. This needs to stop.


Slip and Falls

Have you fallen and injured yourself through no fault of your own?


Wrongful Death

The death of a loved one is incredibly difficult and we want to help however we can.


Dog Bites

Were you injured as a result of a dog bite? You may be able to collect compensation.

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"Attorney Jess exceeded my expectations. She fought Sedgwick tooth and nail when they denied liability for my accident. After it was all said and done Jess recovered a six figure settlement on my behalf, without even filing a lawsuit. Thanks for everything, Jessica! Jess really did bring me Justice!'

-Mi W.


Jess for Justice

Golden Results

Our team of committed attorneys understands the financial burden accidents and necessary care can put on you. Golden Injury Law will handle your legal issues free of charge until we recover.  We don't win unless you win. 


Let us fight for you while you focus on what matters- your healing and recovery.



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